where it all started...

What are the risks of throwing a NYE party in your parents’ living room while they’re out of town? Well, you might end up with a full flesh event company hosting nationwide festivals and parties, welcoming over 50.000 people each year. Just ask Joep de Bruin, who once rather unsolicited repurposed his parents’ living room and now lives to face the consequences.

Happy parties and festivals for everyone

After a successful first edition of Happy Feelings -in his parents’ living room- Joep wanted to do more. With his own drive-in show and as a regular DJ at school and hockey parties, it was a logical step to organize his own festivals and parties. Although Joep wanted to do it differently. He felt like a good dose of happiness was missing in the urban nightlife. He also noticed that the organizations at the time lacked the ability to create something unique: Not just a regular club or festival with one headliner and a sound system.

He found that the motivation in organizations to create something unique was missing; to make a night out about more than just a Headliner and a Soundsystem. The determined enthusiast brought his concept to Amsterdam and intended to let everyone taste the true feeling of that first magical edition of Happy Feelings. Mission accomplished….

Happy Feelings conquers The Netherlands

…A Success formula is born! Happy Feelings becomes so popular that not only the club, but Amsterdam as a whole becomes too small. Joep turns Happy Feelings into a caravan of joy that extends all over the Netherlands. Moreover, Happy Feelings adds 4 festivals to its already impressive resume. With more than 150 parties and festivals a year, successful editions in London, Barcelona and Antwerp. Happy Feelings seems to be on the verge of an international adventure, and Joep’s parents’ living room is making more people happy than anyone could have predicted.